Bianco baby… The story takes shape in 2016

Bianco is a tiny boutique in the center of Antwerp, filled with a well-considered selection of baby clothing and accessories from 0M till 18M.

Bianco was founded in 2016 by Isabelle Dierckxsens , who has over 25 years of experience in the world of baby fashion.

‘I support brands that make a difference and are committed to a fair production with full respect for man and the environment. Contrary to today’s mass production, I believe in the craftsman who creates a unique and personal collection in small amounts.’

This is how cute collections under the name “Bianco” are born.
Isabelle keeps an open mind and takes the time to personally select elegant and high-quality fabrics.

‘Our collections are produced in small family businesses in Europe. They apply their knowledge in the craftsmanship of handmade, hand embroidery and hand smocking, with great attention to detail. The collection is elegant and classic, but with a modern twist.’

The name Bianco refers to white. It is linked to the colour of milk, a first need for babies, pureness, a white sheet, a new story to tell…

Come and take a tour with me, welcome at Bianco . 

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